The Iconic Review and Try On Haul

The Iconic plus size clothing haul and review // 17 Sundays Cross Back Dress

I really love a store where I can go in and get things from lots of my favourite brands (and find new ones), because it saves time, shipping and basically makes life super easy for me. One place you can do that is The Iconic, you’re probably already familiar with it because I do link to them regularly and I’ve got an affiliate banner for them in my sidebar a lot of the time, but I’ve never actually bought from them (only directly from the brands they stock). In the interest of blog research (and because I saw they were having a sale) I decided to try them out so I could report back on what their service was like, and check out some of the brands that I’ve never tried before. Apparently they have over 700 brands, which is just … woah. View Post

My Bedroom Makeover

Meagan Kerr's room tour and bedroom makeover on a budget

As you know, I had surgery earlier in the year and during my recovery I’ve spent an awfully large amount of time in bed. It’s made me realise how much I need my bedroom to be my sanctuary and after many hours spent in bed staring at my surroundings (and watching home renovation shows on HGTV), I felt like our room wasn’t really cutting it. The bed was uncomfortable; our furniture and soft furnishings were badly mismatched, having been collected over the last 18 years since I moved out of home; and it just wasn’t the cosy, relaxing haven that I wanted it to be. And so, I started planning some changes. View Post

Roadtrips and Modelling

Welcome Mat (from Kmart) at our Airbnb

The welcome mat at our Airbnb

I want to start out by saying that while I have modelled in the past, I definitely don’t consider myself a model. I know some people get into blogging with the aim of being a model, but to be honest that’s never been my goal, I really am just here to share really awesome clothes! However, the opportunity came up for me to model for an up and coming New Zealand brand Firefly by Rachel Harrison, and because I had spoken to Rachel a lot over her design process and really love her range, I said sure – why the heck not. View Post

Torrid Clothing Haul

Torrid Galaxy Print Scuba Leggings

While I was recovering from my knee surgery, I did a bit of shopping (I was stuck in bed for a while, the need for retail therapy was very real!), including picking up a few bits and pieces from Torrid when they had half price international shipping. Win! Here’s what I picked out (and a somewhat amusing tale about getting stuck in a bralette). View Post