Boohoo Plus Clothing Haul

Meagan Kerr wears Boohoo Plus Tara Crepe Frill Sleeve Top in size 26

After having varied experiences with (some purchases were great and some not so much), I’d given up on them until I recently found out that their plus size range had expanded from 16-24 to 16-28. I believe in second chances, and figured that if they had extended their range then perhaps they might have sorted out their fit issues as well. Continue reading

Taupo and Rotorua Travel Vlog

Chilling out at Five Mile Bay, Taupo

Chilling out at Five Mile Bay, Taupo

As we do almost every year, we decided to take our summer holidays in mid January when we knew the weather would be a bit nicer and after many people had gone back to work. Taupo is a really popular summer holiday destination, and we knew it was jam packed with visitors after our trip down for Christmas, so making the decision to wait a few weeks to return was a good one (and meant that our favourite spots weren’t full of people!). Continue reading

ASOS, Society+ and Yours Clothing Haul

Meagan Kerr wears ASOS Curve Bardot Sleeve Jumpsuit

As well as shopping at Torrid on Black Friday, I picked up a few pieces from some stores that are old favourites – ASOS, Society+ and Yours Clothing. These are some of the stores that I shop at most often, because they are reasonably priced, have free or reasonable shipping, and often have specials. Another big drawcard for me to shop with these stores is that they are usually pretty consistent with sizing. Continue reading

50 facts about me you probably didn’t know

50 facts about New Zealand plus size fashion blogger Meagan Kerr

I love sharing my life with you, from my style to my self love journey; my travel adventures and the fun things I discover every day; the good days, the bad, and the just plain strange. A while ago someone suggested that I make a video telling you random things about me, so here you go: 50 random facts about me you probably didn’t know and never knew you wanted to. Continue reading

August Favourites

August Favourites: The Travel Edition

It’s time for my monthly favourites, and seeing as I travelled to Australia for Melbourne Fashion Week Plus last month I thought I’d share a few of my travel favourites with you. It was my first time ever travelling overseas by myself and these are a few things I found super handy both on my trip and at home. Make sure you watch to get a 15% discount code for Neat Perfumes! Continue reading

Boxing Day Sale Lush Haul

Lush Haul January 2016

You all know how much of a Lush fan I am, right? Well if you didn’t already, you’re about to. I did a spot of shopping (just a little bit, honest!) at their Boxing Day Sale plus I got some Lush goodies for Christmas, so I thought I’d show you my Lush haul with my first video for 2016 – a good way to start the year, don’t you think? Continue reading

Seated Sun Salutation

morning sunrise

I first started doing yoga when I was studying and working full time, because I needed an outlet to help my mind and body relax. When a friend took me along to a yoga class, I was really nervous – I was a beginner, I was fat and I’d never done yoga before. What if I couldn’t contort my body into the amazing poses I saw people doing? What if I was clumsy when everyone else was graceful? What if people stared at me? Continue reading