Back To Work Essentials

Back to work // via Death To The Stock Photo

It’s that time of year again – summer is coming to an end and we’re heading back to work (or back to school). That means it’s a great chance to stock up on stationery that will get you inspired for the year ahead, sort out your wardrobe and make sure you’re wearing clothes that make you feel fabulous and confident, and get your head in the game. View Post

A hat that looks good

This is Meagan Kerr wears Autograph Maxi Dress and Kmart Men's Trilby

It took me a long time to find a hat that looks good. I was always one of those people who said that hats didn’t suit them, but it turns out that I just needed to try on a lot of hats to find some that looked okay. And I mean a lot. View Post

Can plus size women wear bodycon dresses?

Can plus size women wear bodycon dresses? New Zealand NZ Style Curvettes // Meagan Kerr wears 17 Sundays striped bodycon dress

I often get people visiting my blog after they have searched for things like “can plus size women wear bodycon dresses” and “are fat girls allowed to wear stripes”. I can’t stress enough that you can wear whatever you damn well please. You can even wear a striped bodycon dress if you want to. View Post