Roadtrips and Modelling

Welcome Mat (from Kmart) at our Airbnb

The welcome mat at our Airbnb

I want to start out by saying that while I have modelled in the past, I definitely don’t consider myself a model. I know some people get into blogging with the aim of being a model, but to be honest that’s never been my goal, I really am just here to share really awesome clothes! However, the opportunity came up for me to model for an up and coming New Zealand brand Firefly by Rachel Harrison, and because I had spoken to Rachel a lot over her design process and really love her range, I said sure – why the heck not. View Post

Taupo and Rotorua Travel Vlog

Chilling out at Five Mile Bay, Taupo

Chilling out at Five Mile Bay, Taupo

As we do almost every year, we decided to take our summer holidays in mid January when we knew the weather would be a bit nicer and after many people had gone back to work. Taupo is a really popular summer holiday destination, and we knew it was jam packed with visitors after our trip down for Christmas, so making the decision to wait a few weeks to return was a good one (and meant that our favourite spots weren’t full of people!). View Post

Relaxing in Rotorua

Relaxing things to do in Rotorua: take the Skyline Gondola up Mt Ngongotaha

Whenever people talk about Rotorua, I’m used to hearing about what an amazing place it is for adventure – you can go zorbing, rafting, mountain biking, you name it. However, when I’m on holiday relaxation is the name of the game, so when we went down to Rotorua last month I was on a mission to find some things to do that were more my speed. View Post

Happy Anniversary, Baby!

Last week my boyfriend and I celebrated our 4th anniversary. We marked four years of epic adventures with a roadtrip around part of the central North Island that included a swim in a thermal pool, a visit to the snow, a stay in a haunted hotel and some amazing food. I also shot some outfits while we were down there, but I’ll share those with you in another post. For now, grab a cup of tea and prepare for lots of photos…

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Future Projections [Auckland Festival of Photography]

Last week I made the last minute decision to put some work forward for an exhibition.  I wasn’t going to, because I have a whole bunch of pending uni deadlines and the project I’m working on at the moment is really personal (as in, it’s about me), but I kind of just entered it on what was literally the last day.  Long story short, both pieces I submitted are in the exhibition!

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