15 plus size coats for autumn

And just like that, lazy summer days have gone and autumn is upon us in all it’s cold, windy, rainy glory. The key to surviving the cooler months is making sure that you’re toasty warm, and unless you’re able to stay in bed wrapped in blankets like a burrito, your best bet is to grab a warm coat and layer up – so here are a few of my favourite plus size coats for autumn.

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Bold and bright

With summer now officially here (by calendar, if not by temperature), it’s time to bring out the bold and bright colours. Even if your wardrobe is mostly black on black (hey, we’ve all been there), you can add in a little pop of colour with some gorgeous accessories – my post today has been inspired by this gorgeous Saben bag…

Saben x Kelly Thompson Vacation Clutch

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Plus size coats for spring

Just when you’re lying in the warm sun thinking that summer is just around the corner, BAM! It starts raining and the cold wind starts blowing, reminding you that it is still very much spring. When I was out for my walk this morning, I found myself thinking about how necessary it is to have a good coat at this time of year! Here are a few of my fave finds at the moment…

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