Can plus size women wear bodycon dresses?

Can plus size women wear bodycon dresses? New Zealand NZ Style Curvettes // Meagan Kerr wears 17 Sundays striped bodycon dress

I often get people visiting my blog after they have searched for things like “can plus size women wear bodycon dresses” and “are fat girls allowed to wear stripes”. I can’t stress enough that you can wear whatever you damn well please. You can even wear a striped bodycon dress if you want to. Continue reading

Snake Print Sweater

This is Meagan Kerr #nzstylecurvettes Autograph Snake Print Sweater

Today has been one of those days when the weather can’t make up it’s mind. It was extremely sunny but very cold this morning, then it warmed up before the storm clouds rolled in. All of a sudden it was raining, hailing and sunny all at the same time! This changeable weather makes layering really important, and I prefer fabrics that are thin yet warm for this, so I don’t end up looking like I’m wearing every item of clothing I own. Continue reading

Spin The Pin: Not Dressed As Lamb

Spin The Pin: This is Meagan Kerr's take on Not Dressed As Lamb's outfit

I love getting outfit inspiration from other people’s outfit choices – it’s what makes people watching, blog reading and Pinterest pinning so great. I’m a bit of a newbie when it comes to Pinterest (come and follow me here), but my blogging friend Jo from iCurvy has made a cool challenge to get us all inspired. Continue reading

Rainy Winter Days

This is Meagan Kerr / Winter Plus Size Fashion

In New Zealand (at least, the part that I live in), winter is not about snow – it’s about rain. Winter is cold, wet and oftentimes quite miserable – so warm clothes, umbrellas and shoes that will keep your feet dry are essential. Continue reading

Wardrobe Investment Pieces

Where did all your money go? ... I'm wearing it

When it comes to my wardrobe I have three separate approaches. I have a whole bunch of basics that I’ve bought in really good quality, in fabrics that feel fabulous, and I wear them all the time. These wardrobe staples are my essentials and form the basis of most of my outfits. Then there are the trend based pieces – they’re often seasonal and range from cheap and cheerful to midrange pieces that I think will last well but aren’t what I’d call basics. And lastly, I have the investment pieces. Clothes that I’ve shelled out a bit more money for, because they were so fabulous I had to have them. I don’t have a lot of them, because hello – lady’s on a tight budget – but the ones I have I really cherish. Continue reading

For the love of stripes

I can’t even pretend that my love of stripes is a secret – I’m pretty much an “all stripes, all the time” when I can, as evidenced here, here, here and … pretty much all through my wardrobe. This dress though, it ties with this one for my favourite dress right now.

Plus size fashion - Meagan Kerr wears 17 Sundays

Continue reading

Amongst the flowers

Plus size blogger Meagan Kerr wears Sara Asymmetric Tunic from EziBuy, Wide Belted Floral Skirt from Hope & Harvest and Tropis Beauty Kimono from Nyata

It’s a beautiful day today, with sunshine beaming down on a brand new week. What better way to celebrate gorgeous weather than with floral inspired outfit and some time spent in the sunshine? Continue reading

Plus size coats for spring

Just when you’re lying in the warm sun thinking that summer is just around the corner, BAM! It starts raining and the cold wind starts blowing, reminding you that it is still very much spring. When I was out for my walk this morning, I found myself thinking about how necessary it is to have a good coat at this time of year! Here are a few of my fave finds at the moment…

ASOS CURVE Exclusive Fit and Flare Mac Continue reading

Aussie Curves: Favourite Piece


There are a lot of pieces in my wardrobe that I really like – you know the kind, the ones you can wear anywhere, are super versatile and can be mixed and matched with other pieces, that make you feel fabulous as soon as you put them on? There is one that stands out for me though, and I’m sure you’ve seen it on me quite a lot over the last couple of years (here, here and here for example).

Aussie Curves Favourite Piece Meagan Kerr black skater skirt knee length kmart now coral pink peplum top yours clothing bolero shrug tie jacket grey sneakers rave plus size fashion Continue reading