Friday Faves: 24 October 2014

Well hello there, Friday! How nice to see the end of another week – and the beginning of a long weekend! I know that I’ll be spending it as I spend every Labour Weekend – sorting out my garden (which is horrendously overgrown) and getting it ready for planting things for spring and summer. Very domestic, but worth it when your flowers start to bloom and your veges are ripe for the picking! What are your plans this weekend? Make sure you take some time to relax and unwind!

Boohoo Plus Alisha Oversized Cape Sleeve Longline Dress

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Friday Faves: 17 October 2014

I believe in treating myself well, and part of that is choosing to have lovely things in my life. They don’t have to be expensive (although those that are, I think they are worth saving up for), they just have to be things that make me feel like a million bucks. Nice fabrics, beautiful designs, jewellery that holds sentiment and meaning, even lovely cups that remind me to sit down and appreciate how fortunate I am.

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2013 Christmas Gift Guide [Part Two]

Christmas Special header

Yikes, it’s less than ten days until Christmas! I seriously need to do some gift shopping – I’ve only bought one present. If you’re as disorganised as I am, maybe my gift guide will help you out with some ideas. This is part two – you can find part one here.

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2013 Christmas Gift Guide [Part One]

It’s not long until Christmas (two and a half weeks, eek!), and if you haven’t got your Christmas gifts sorted yet then you need to hop to it! Here is the first of my Christmas gift guides to give you a bit of a helping hand.

Evo "Caring Haze" Xmas Pack $69.90

Evo “Caring Haze” Xmas Pack* $69.90

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Favourite Things: 13 October 2013

ASOS Curve Exclusive Shirt in StripeLUSTING OVER … ASOS Curve Exclusive Shirt in Stripe
It’s Aussie Curves Stripe Week, and of course all of the awesome striped things are catching my eye! I really like this sheer sleeveless top from ASOS Curve, and think it would be perfect for summer. It’s on sale at the moment (the best kind of find!), find it for $30.13 from ASOS. Continue reading

Favourite Things: 6 October 2013

Ziera Bradford in Stone $229LACING UP … Ziera Bradford in Stone Brogues
By now I’m sure you know how much I love a good brogue – it’s a comfortable shoe that’s fun yet classy, and can be casual or dressy. With spring in the air, these Ziera brogues have caught my eye – how perfect are they? Find them at Ziera for $229. Continue reading

Favourite Things: 4 August 2013

Favourite Things header

Saben Alex Galaxy HandbagLUSTING AFTER … Alex tote from Saben
This beautiful galaxy-inspired tote is even more beautiful in person than you can tell from this picture. What can I say, it’s shot straight to the top of my wishlist… If you want to fulfil my dreams (or perhaps your own), you can get your Alex tote from Saben for $440.

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What a wonderful week #10

Whingy Meagan is in full swing at the moment – I’m unwell (like, “it’s taken me until 5pm to get out of bed so I can write this post” kind of unwell), exhausted, and one of my BFF’s moved to Wellington today. I also have no idea what I’m doing with my uni projects this year and haven’t even begun the huge amount of research I need to do because I’ve been so tired. Looking forward to an early night tonight (despite having only spent about 30 minutes out of bed today), ready for an early start tomorrow morning.

Okay, whinge over. Now on to the wonderful parts of my week…


1. Fresh flowers! I love having fresh flowers in my house. They look great, they smell pretty, and they really do brighten up the place. I took these to one of my BFFs for her birthday this week (making sure to include her favourite sunflowers), and also took a bouquet of lisianthus to a friend who has been unwell. Not only is it nice to have flowers in your home, but it’s nice if they’re from someone else who just wanted to take the time to let you know that they’re thinking of you! Someone should totally bring me flowers… Continue reading