Body positivity and health

Something that has come up in conversation a lot recently is body positivity and health. More specifically, “can you be body positive and still want to lose weight or get fit”. It’s a subject that has resulted in a lot of discussion, so I thought I’d weigh in with my opinion. I think you can – to me, body positivity is about loving your whole self at any size.

I’m writing about this as a person who is fat. I’m not a doctor, but everything I write is based on personal experience. That being said, body positivity and health are kind of two different things… View Post

Favourite Things: 7 July 2013

Favourite Things headerNumber One Shoes Morrison Ankle Boots TanTRYING ON … Morrison Ankle Boots from Number One Shoes
I tried these on recently and I really really want them.  They come in black as well, but surprisingly it’s the tan pair that I’ve fallen for! They’re just $49.99 from Number One Shoes and (I’m very excited about this) you can order them from their brand spanking new online store! I’m a size 9, in case the Shoe Fairy is reading this…

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Favourite Things: 16 June 2013

Favourite Things header

ASOS CURVE Midi Skirt in Cotton Cutwork

DREAMING OF … ASOS Curve Midi Skirt in Cotton Cutwork
The weather is pretty horrendous today in Auckland, and it has me dreaming of Spring even more than I usually do at this time of year. This knee length skirt is perfect for Spring and Summer, and has me dreaming of lazy picnics in the sunshine. Get yours from ASOS for $95.45

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What a wonderful week #6


1. I’ve been eating blueberries by the bucketload! Super sweet and delicious, and pretty healthy in terms of snacking. If someone would plant me a blueberry bush (tree? shrub?) or deliver me fresh blueberries on a regular basis, I would be so happy. View Post