Review: EVO Fabuloso

If you’ve ever coloured your hair red, you’ll understand the dreaded colour fade. Red seems to fade faster than any other colour, whether I get it done at the hairdresser or DIY it at home. Copper or bright cherry red, it doesn’t matter – the fade is not only inevitable, it is fast.

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Review: Evo Mane Prescription

Do you use hair treatments? If you don’t, then you probably should. Especially if your hairdresser tells you that you need to!

Vanessa at Vada recommended that I use a protein treatment called Mane Prescription by evo, and ever since I started using it, my hair has been looking amazing!

EVODoesNotContain1“When the days have stretched into nights and days again, when you work and play just that tad too much, you arrive at a moment when your doo is in need of a heavy dose of loving care. Bandages for the breaks, boosts for the shoots, a kick against the sick, evo mane prescription is a heavy dose of shine and strength for the moments when all has gone just that little bit too far.” View Post