How you talk about your body

Meagan Kerr Kmart One Piece Plus Size Swimsuit

It’s really easy to make negative throwaway comments about yourself, whether it’s how smart you are, how you look without makeup or your body. I notice it all the time, I overhear in dressing rooms, at the beach, and see it on social media. I notice it most in summer, when you have a combination of the pressure of having a bikini body and all the “New Year, New Me” diet nonsense being thrown at you. Babes, we need to stop doing this, we need to stop putting ourselves down! Continue reading

Don’t miss out on life

Cassie, Meg, Chloe and Allie

No more missing out on fun with my friends!

One of the things that people tell me that they are most scared of doing is wearing swimwear, whether it’s at the beach, the lake, the public pool … or even in your own pool at home (side note, if you’re lucky enough to have your own pool please invite me over for a swim! I would be most grateful). Before we head off for summer holidays and Christmas breaks, I wanted to take a moment to have a chat to you about that. Continue reading

Watching Taryn Brumfitt’s Embrace documentary


Earlier in the year, Taryn Brumfitt‘s documentary Embrace screened at the New Zealand International Film Festival. It was a “one show only” deal and unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it to the screening. I knew I had to see it though, so I got in touch with the team at Body Image Movement to find out how I could bring it to my local cinema.

My friend Monique from Dressing Up and I organised a screening at one of our local cinemas through Demand.Film, because we knew that this was something we needed to share. It needed to be shared with our blog readers; with our friends and family; with mamas, daughters, sisters, besties; with the amazing people that we are surrounded by who might be struggling like we have struggled… because body image is something that we need to be talking about! Continue reading

The Hello Lovely Project

This is Meagan Kerr x The Hello Lovely Project // I am clever and resourceful

I talk about self love quite often, because I think that loving yourself and having a good sense of self worth is really valuable. Something that we don’t do enough is celebrate the great things about ourself. We don’t shout our achievements from the rooftop, we don’t talk about the parts of ourself that we love and appreciate, instead we focus on the negatives and the things we don’t like.

The Hello Lovely Project promotes positive self worth in women through the power of social media, aiming to change the perspective of a society filled with a self-hating mentality. Continue reading

Ditch the doubt

Meagan Kerr for Special K - Ditch the doubt and #ownit

CW: Weight loss, eating disorder, body shaming, body image

When my photo was shared on the Special K Facebook page last week there were lots of people making comments and (inaccurate) judgements about my health, my lifestyle, what I promote etc. It seems that there are a few people completely missing the point of Special K‘s #OwnIt campaign, and why I’m involved, so I thought that it was important for me to write a blog post to give you all a bit of background about me and why I was so keen to team up with them. Continue reading

Ignore the label

Vanity sizing: Your worth is not determined by the number on your jeans

Over the last wee while I have been going through all my clothes, sorting out the ones I don’t wear (or don’t fit) in an attempt to clean out my wardrobe. In the process I’ve found sizes ranging from 16 to 30. I’m generally about a size 24-26, and I thought I’d try things on to see if they were worth keeping or it was time to move on. You know what? The size 16 pieces fit me, and the size 30 pieces fit me. Crazy right? Continue reading

How to be body confident in the bedroom

Meagan Kerr wears Autograph Plus Size Lingerie // How to be body confident in the bedroom

I get a lot of people asking me about having sex as a fat girl and how to be body confident in the bedroom, so I thought it was about time we sat down and had “the talk”. So let’s talk about sex, baby!

Whether you’re getting in to bed with a new partner and feeling a bit shy, wanting to be a bit more adventurous, coming to terms with your body changing, or just feeling a bit self conscious about bits that jiggle, it’s okay. I get it. Learning to love your body is one thing, but getting naked with another person (or more than one person) is a whole other deal altogether, right? Not to worry babe, I’ve got your back! Continue reading

How to be body confident at the beach

This is Meagan Kerr in plus size swimwear by elomi and Autograph // How to be body confident at the beach

My first ever experience with body shaming was when I was wearing a swimsuit, so it probably comes as no surprise that I spent a lot of time agonising over wearing one as a teenager and in my 20’s. I remember going to the beach in board shorts and a baggy t-shirt, with my one piece underneath, feeling very self-concious – a far cry from the cocky, confident person I was on the swim team a couple of years beforehand. Things have changed a lot over the last few years, and now I feel completely at home in a bikini. I get a lot of people saying that they wish they felt so confident in a swimsuit, so I thought I’d share a few of my tips on how to be body confident at the beach (or where ever it is that you’re swimming!). Continue reading

Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls

Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls by Jes Baker

Jes Baker is pretty well known in the world of body positivity as someone who is unafraid to talk about things that many shy away from. Her no bull attitude is what drew me to her, with her open letter to then Abercrombie and Fitch CEO Mike Jeffries and amazing “Abercrombie and Fat” photoshoot after Jeffries made some body shaming comments about why he didn’t want fat people shopping in A&F stores.

As soon as Jes announced her book Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls, I preordered it on Amazon. Continue reading

Loving the body you have right now

I’ve had a few requests to share the speech I gave at the Lovely Larger Ladies Fashion Event last weekend, so here you go – without the ums, ahs, and me dropping my notes. Grab yourself a cuppa and a comfy chair, and let’s talk about loving the body you have… and sometimes not loving it.

"Loving the body you have right now" Meagan Kerr speaking at Lovely Larger Ladies Fashion Event 2015. Photo by Emma Joyce

After refusing to be in a family photo one Christmas because I so desperately hated how I looked, I made my New Year’s resolution to develop a healthy relationship with my body. Continue reading