Karen Murrell True Miracle: Intense Balm

Karen Murrell true_miracle_raw_ingredients

I saw a Karen Murrell lipstick pop up as an nzgirl fave a couple of months ago, and after reading it I got the name Karen Murrell stuck in my head. When I saw a tube of Karen Murrell True Miracle: Intense Balm, I HAD to have it!

The True Miracle: Intense Balm is organic, and contains delicious things like beeswax, honey and cocoa butter. All of the ingredients in Karen Murrell’s products are cruelty free, come from renewable sources, and the company has a strong ethical policy (find out more about their philosophy here).

I am so glad I picked this up – it has been a saviour when my skin is dry after a hot sunny day, and even more so for my poor hands after spending hours in the garden! It’s also an amazing lip conditioner and gloss, meaning that it really is a multi-purpose miracle.

I’m now a Karen Murrell convert and can’t wait to try out some more of her products! Check out the website to find out what other amazing products she makes. If you’d like to purchase some, check the list of stockists – but hurry, because I’ve just found out that as of January 2013 Karen Murrell will no longer be selling skincare products. Make sure you stock up now!

Karen Murrell_true_miracle
Images/Karen Murrell website

Text © Meagan Kerr 2012

WILD THINGS: Art for the Imaginations of Children

Fishing For Donuts by Michael Kennedy
Oil on canvas

Last week I had the immense pleasure of attending the opening of ‘Wild Things’, a group show at Black Asterisk, where imagination and reality come together in a mix of styles and mediums.

Michael Kennedy‘s whimsical creatures fish for donuts and enchant you with their cuteness (pictured above), while Vivien Masters‘ regal-looking portraits consider you from across the room.

Walk through a doorway and you are greeted by Minu‘s work, including one of my favourites from the show, ‘Shadow Girl No. 2’. I have found that I really connect with Minu’s characters and am hoping that one might find its way into my home soon (if you’d like to buy me a Christmas present, you should be taking notes!).

Shadow Girl No.2 by Minu
Acrylic and ink on recycled wood.

In another small room at the rear of the gallery, Prue MacDougall‘s stunning hand printed solar plate etchings of her chimera creations sit quietly, waiting for you to discover their secrets.

Venus by Prue MacDougall
Hand printed solar plate etching on rag paper

I thoroughly recommend that you pop down to the Black Asterisk gallery (located at 10 Ponsonby Road, Auckland) to check out the ‘Wild Things’ exhibition. The exhibition runs until Monday December 24th, with kids art activities being held at 1pm on December 2nd and 9th.

xo Meagan

How to get tousled beach hair (without going to the beach)

I love the way my hair looks after a day at the beach, all tousled and wavy and gorgeous, but I don’t like the way it feels.  To get tousled beach babe hair without stepping foot in the surf, follow these easy steps to surfer chic.

1. Work a curl enhancing product like PPS Beach Styler through dry hair to ensure that your style will hold.

2. Part your hair down the centre, and braid into two plaits (one on either side of your head) and secure with a small hair tie.

3. Twist one braid away from your face and twist a straightening iron on to the hair in the same direction your braid is twisted. Repeat this all the way down the braid, but make sure you don’t do this over the hair tie or you will get a weird crease at the bottom of your hair. Do this on both braids, and then repeat.

4. Once your hair has cooled, remove the hair ties and finger comb the braid out. You should now have gorgeous tousled hair!  You can either leave it down or style it up.

© Meagan Kerr 2012

NZ Fashion Tech Diploma Runway Show 2012

Last week, I was lucky enough to be invited along to NZ Fashion Tech’s Diploma Runway Show, to check out the Graduate Collections for 2012 (have a look at what I was wearing!).

The show included garments made by NZ Fashion Tech’s first year students as part of the Red Cross Upcycle Challenge, where they deconstructed 5-6 old garments selected at random from Auckland Red Cross stores, and reconstructed them into high fashion garments. What an awesome exercise in sustainability! It definitely made me think about upcycling some of my old clothes to breathe life into my wardrobe, although I don’t think my results will be quite as stunning as the ones I saw at this show!

Also on the runway were the Diploma students’ Kleenex Cottonelle Paper Dresses, which were white cocktail gowns made from … wait for it … toilet paper. They were absolutely amazing! Who knew that anyone could create such stylish gowns out of paper?

By far my favourite part of the night was the runway show of the Graduate Collections. The students worked to each create their own ready to wear collection, and I was really impressed by the quality of workmanship in the outfits! I thought I’d share a few of my favourite designers of the evening, and my picks of who are the “talents to watch”.


Abandoned Hood by Kimmery Fotuhetule
Image: Bryan Lowe/Lowe Photo


Kimi Fotuhetule’s collection Abandoned Hood, had some fantastic denim pieces for both men and women. I especially loved the cropped sleeved denim top (pictured above).


What Lies Beneath… by Suzie Eggleton
Image: Bryan Lowe/Lowe Photo


Suzie Eggleton’s collection What lies beneath was edgy, stylish and included garments that could easily been worn as separates (seriously, you need to get some of Suzie’s clothes in your wardrobe!), with the floaty dress pictured above being one of my favourites.


Pleasure Over Matter by Sali Hafeedh
Image: Bryan Lowe/Lowe Photo


Sali Hafeedh’s Pleasure Over Matter was stylish and sophisticated, with a beautiful colour palette – this mustard dress was one of my favourite pieces of the evening!


Femme By LaMeck by MJ Greig
Image: Bryan Lowe/Lowe Photo


The crowd favourite definitely seemed to be MJ Greig’s Femme By LaMeck, a collection that consisted of high fashion garments that really stood out. MJ’s collection was cohesive and her styling fantastic, right down to detailing on the shoes!

Keep an eye out for these graduates as they shoot to success – I look forward to seeing more from them in the future!


Many thanks to Bryan Lowe /Lowe Photo for letting me share his images – if you’d like to see more of the NZ Fashion Tech Diploma Runway Show 2012, check out Bryan’s album on facebook.

Images © Lowe Photo 2012

Text © Meagan Kerr 2012