First Look: Moody Hues

Australian plus size fashion | Seraphim - Moody Hues

Over the last year I’ve gotten more and more about comfort when it comes to getting dressed. Sometimes that means stepping away from the fitted clothes I love and going for things that are oversized or looser fitting. Comfort was the first thing that I thought of when I saw Moody Hues, the latest collection from Australian plus size fashion label Seraphim – all of these pieces look so easy to wear. View Post

Back to basics

Plus size clothing basics - River Island Plus white scoop neck tee from River Island, Warpaint Joggers from 17 Sundays; Kate Madison Khaki Jacket from The Warehouse

As you might have noticed, I haven’t been sharing very many outfit photos lately. I mentioned that I’d lost my mojo and have been struggling with feeling confident in front of the camera since I had my hair cut, and while I’ve been recovering from surgery, and this is the first outfit post I’m posting on my blog in more than a month.  I might have been quiet lately, but I’m back with a fresh head of colour and I’m going back to basics. Time to find my mojo again. View Post

Unwanted Attention

Online harassment - that's a no from me

I started my blog as a way of sharing my style, helping plus size babes find rad clothes in their size and sharing my self love journey in the hopes that it might help others. For the most part, it’s been amazing – I’ve shared my life with you, you’ve shared yours with me … but there is one part of the online world that I really hadn’t counted on. It’s one that, to be quite honest, makes me never want to blog again. View Post