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The nzgirl crew have been hard at work over the last year or so, working on the nzgirl iPhone app. I wanted to write this post not only to encourage you all to download it (more information here), but also to congratulate Jo, Jenene and the team on all of their hard work.  Well done, ladies!

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Greyhounds as Pets

Meet Jack, who has found his forever home with my friend Karen.


If you’re thinking about getting a pet, I’m going to put it out there and suggest that you think about adopting a greyhound. They are super smart, affectionate, gentle creatures who are easy to care for.

Greyhounds as Pets (GAP) is a registered charity, established by Greyhound Racing New Zealand to find loving homes for retired greyhounds. They have a comprehensive adoption programme to ensure that each dog is match with a home that suits their temperament.

Most greyhounds don’t bark, have a short easy-care coat, and don’t smell. They’re like teenagers – they spend a lot of time sleeping/lying around/leaning against things – but without the surly attitude! Greyhounds are really easy to care for – they just need a daily walk, somewhere soft to sleep, healthy food, and lots of love.

Please head to the Greyhounds as Pets website find out more – if you click on the “We Need Homes” tab, you can see some of the gorgeous greyhounds who would love to find their forever home with you!

© Meagan Kerr 2012

Things that go BOOM!

Last week an awesome thing happened: Kiwi shot putter Valerie Adams was awarded the gold medal  she earned at the 2012 London Olympics.  I won’t go in to the reasons why she didn’t receive it in London, during the Olympics, you can google that yourself.  I wanted to post about Valerie’s award ceremony because I am extremely proud of her and think that this gold medal was an amazing achievement.

I didn’t get a chance to go along to the ceremony, because seats were limited.  I did, however, head over to Devonport, tripod (and boyfriend) in tow. You know why? Fireworks, that’s why.  I’ve never photographed fireworks before, and I wanted to give it a go.

Let me know which one is your favourite by leaving a comment below, and the one with the most votes will become the new cover image for my facebook page for November.  I’ll also send one of you lovelies a treat to say thanks for commenting (open to people in NZ only) – you have until 1159pm on Monday October 1st!

1. Pink fireworks and the bright lights of Auckland City

2. Olympic colours to celebrate an Olympic champion

3. This stunning red and white firework reminded me of a Pokemon ball!

4. This orange and purple firework looks a bit like a pansy, don’t you think?

5. A spectacular fireworks display to celebrate a spectacular achievement. Well done Valerie!

© Meagan Kerr Photography 2012

Upcoming group exhibition – Full Basket

Tomorrow brings the opening of “Full Basket”, the group exhibition being put on by the second year photography students (of which I am one) from Unitec (check out the facebook event page here).

Poster image by Anton Maurer
Poster design by Janelle Baptist

I have  one piece in the exhibition, a portrait of my lovely friend Violet, from a collaborative shoot done a few weeks ago (hair and makeup by Cassie Ace) that is the lead up to a series of avant garde beauty portraits.  I haven’t shared any images from the shoot yet, so if you want a sneak preview, you’ll have to come along to the exhibition or wait a few more weeks until I post them online.

If you’d like to join me at the exhibition opening, it’s on Monday, September 17 at 5.30 pm at the Te Po Gallery, located in Building 1 at the Mount Albert Unitec campus (139 Carrington Road, Pt Chevalier, Auckland).  There will be wine and nibbles to enjoy while you peruse the art, and if you find a piece that you’d like to purchase, you will be able to arrange that directly with the artists.

If you can’t make it to opening night, please do come and have a look at the  exhibition – it runs until Friday, September 21, and the regular Te Po Gallery hours are 9 am to 4 pm from Tuesday to Friday.

Many thanks to APIX Photographic Supplies for their kind sponsorship of our exhibition – your support is very much appreciated!

NZFW 2012: Miromoda Showcase

The Indigenous Māori Fashion Apparel Board (IMFAB) was founded in 2008, an organisation instituted to advance the quality status of Māori fashion design and to raise its artistic and professional standards. Miromoda also aims to define a code of ethical practices of mutual benefit in public and trade relations and, to promote appreciation of the fashion arts through leadership in high quality, authenticity and aesthetic discernment.

Miromoda is committed to nurturing the development of the Māori fashion industry’s future designers. Miromoda educational initiatives will provide support and strengthen resources for students at secondary, tertiary and post-graduate levels. In addition, Miromoda hopes to offer support to working designers in the early stages of their careers, and should they require, mentoring throughout their future, including international profile and participation.

Each year Miromoda hosts an awards competition event at Wellington’s Massey University. The finalists then showcase their talent at New Zealand Fashion Week under the Miromoda Showcase.

The Miromoda Showcase is a personal favourite of mine – as a young Māori artist, I am extremely proud to see other Māori artists succeeding in their fields.

The designers showing in the Miromoda Showcase this year were: Poto Morgan (Ngaruawahia), Maehe Ranginui (Whanganui), Pia Boutique (Auckland), Koia Gray (Wainuiomata High School), Hohepa Thompson (Victoria University, Wellington), Olivia Edginton (Wainuiomata High School), Christopher Huia-Woods (Auckland), Shona Tawhiao (Auckland), DMONIC INTENT (Auckland), Monique Lynch (Auckland) and Surface Too Deep (Wellington).

Mania Moko (Vanity Walk) for Poto Morgan | Maehe Ranginui at the Miromoda Showcase

I really liked the woven elements of this outfit, which was quite edgy and avant garde.

Pia Boutique at the Miromoda Showcase

Pia Boutique’s clothing was fresh, vibrant and fun, featuring floral and graphic prints in bold colours.

Koia Gray | Hohepa Thompson | Olivia Edginton at the Miromoda Showcase

Mania Moko (Vanity Walk) for Christopher Huia-Woods at the Miromoda Showcase

Christopher Huia-Woods’ garments stood out with bright reds and oranges being offset by moody blacks. The overall look was very avant garde and strong while still being playful.

Leilani (N Model Management) for Shona Tawhiao at the Miromoda Showcase

Shona Tawhiao at the Miromoda Showcase

Another very avant garde collection, this time from designer Shona Tawhiao.  I love the mixture of fabrics and textures in the collection, they work really well in contrast to one another.

Lenka Leova (Red 11) for DMONIC INTENT at the Miromoda Showcase

Natua Holmes (Red 11) for DMONIC INTENT at the Miromoda Showcase

Genevieve Mora (Red 11) for DMONIC INTENT at the Miromoda Showcase

DMONIC INTENT’s Heaven Bleeds Black collection was the stand out of the showcase for me – their attention to detail and impeccable styling meant that the collection worked well as a whole, as well as each garment making a fantastic individual impression.  What I like most about DMONIC INTENT’s clothing is that it seems like it would be wearable off the runway (and it is, I’ve seen a few people sporting delicious DMONIC goodness!), while still being high fashion.

Monique Lynch at the Miromoda Showcase

Monique Lynch’s collection looked to be made largely from varying shades of grey neoprene (which, if I’m not mistaken, is the same material my wetsuit was made of?).  An interesting choice of fabric!

Surface Too Deep at the Miromoda Showcase

Surface Too Deep showed some amazing swimsuits with fantastic floral prints that made me yearn for summer! The outfits were fun, colourful and youthful, and it was a great way to end such a wonderful showcase.

I look forward to seeing what these designers come up with over the coming years, and hope I get a chance to attend the Miromoda Showcase at NZFW 2013!

© Meagan Kerr Photography 2012