Nailed It! Blue and Gold

Welcome to a fun new feature of – Nailed It! Here I will feature nail polish reviews, my latest manicures and pedicures, nail art inspiration and … basically everything related to nails!

Nails by Monaco Nails & Beauty; Ram's Head Ring by Young Pilgrims Jewellery and wallet from Hywin Shoes

Nails by Monaco Nails & Beauty; Ram’s Head Ring by Young Pilgrims Jewellery and wallet from Hywin Shoes

To kick off this feature, I have some beautiful blue and gold nails by Penny and Jess (yes, I’m so special that I got to see both ladies!) at Monaco Nails & Beauty.

Penny and Jess used Artistic Colour Gloss in Sovereign (the blue) and Your Yacht or Mine (the gold) to do my manicure. I’ve never had feature nails before, but I’ve noticed a few people sporting them and thought these colours were great together! What do you think?

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Sample Bar – Glam Pack

I don’t know about you, but I love getting mail. Even better, parcels. I’m pretty sure I’ve scared my courier on more than one occasion with my super excited squeals of glee when he brings me packages! Today, my very first Glam Pack from Sample Bar arrived, so I had to apologise for being even more excited than usual.

Welcome to Sample Bar...

Welcome to Sample Bar…

If you’re a beauty fiend living in New Zealand, then chances are that you will have heard about Sample Bar before. Just in case you haven’t, here is a quick run down: Just like Birchbox in America, Sample Box puts together a package full of five luxury beauty samples each month and delivers it to your door. This allows you to try out hot new brands without committing to buying a full size product!

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Young Pilgrims Jewellery

I’ve been following Young Pilgrims Jewellery on facebook for a little while now, lusting after all of the pretty things but never quite sure what I wanted to buy.  Until my gorgeous friend Phloss got me this super cute kitty candle – it’s almost too sweet to burn! Seriously, I haven’t lit it yet because I can’t bring myself to burn that lovely kitty head!

YPJ Cat candle

It smells amazing, like fresh beeswax and summer and nature and … deliciousness. And it’s so adorable!

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What a wonderful week #2

As I’m sure you have noticed, I haven’t posted anything this week. Naughty naughty!  I have a good reason though – I’ve been on holiday! So without further ado, this is what made my week wonderful:

Fishing: boring as heck, until you catch something

Fishing: boring as heck, until you catch something

1. The boything and I took the boy up north to have a wee holiday with my parents. We went fishing and swimming and ate delicious food and played Yahtzee and generally had a great time.

2. After reading this NZ Herald article, I am super grateful that my parents took the time to teach me how to fish, basic life skills such as how to cook, and ensured that I was capable of changing my own tire before letting me drive a car.  Seriously, can not believe that there are people in their 20’s who couldn’t cook a meal for friends – if you want to hire me to give you private cooking lessons then I can totally do that (seriously, I’m a poor student. I need the money!). If you want to check out some of my recipes, you can do that here.

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