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Cassie, Meg, Chloe and Allie

No more missing out on fun with my friends!

One of the things that people tell me that they are most scared of doing is wearing swimwear, whether it’s at the beach, the lake, the public pool … or even in your own pool at home (side note, if you’re lucky enough to have your own pool please invite me over for a swim! I would be most grateful). Before we head off for summer holidays and Christmas breaks, I wanted to take a moment to have a chat to you about that.

I understand when you say that you don’t want people to see your belly. I know what it’s like to feel self conscious about your cellulite. When you tell me that you would rather be caught dead than letting people see your thighs, your wobbly arms or your jiggly bum, I get it, I really do! I have been there – I spent years covering up my body in board shorts and baggy tshirts when I was at the beach or sitting fully dressed on the side of the pool and only dipping my feet in while my friends swam, saying that I wasn’t really that hot when I actually was.

When I look back, all I can think is stuff that! Like, for real. I missed out on fun times with my friends because … why? Because my thighs jiggled? When I think about it like that, I feel so silly. Would I let my best friend miss out like that? No, I’d encourage her to join in. So why did I do that to myself? Not to mention how hot and uncomfortable I was, a swim would have been bliss.

Meagan wears Elomi Swim Bra and Autograph High Waisted Bikini Briefs

Meagan wears Elomi Swim Bra and Autograph High Waisted Bikini Briefs

I’m telling you this because I want this to be the summer that you go swimming with your friends. I want this to be the year that you feel confident enough to rock your swimsuit (here are some tips to help you out) without worrying about if anyone is looking at your legs.

Making that decision to live my life regardless of what dress size I wear, how much cellulite I have or how wobbly my arms are has been the best one I’ve ever made. It means no more sitting on the sidelines, no missing out and enjoying spending time with people I love, creating awesome memories.

I hope that you’ll make that decision this summer too, because life is too short for missing out.


  1. January 11, 2017 / 12:37 pm

    Courageous post Megan, to inspire others to enjoy life to the fullest – regardless of size.

  2. December 25, 2016 / 5:20 am

    We are freezing cold here in the states but this past summer was the first time I wore an actual swimsuit in years to the beach. I was nervous but I did it.. And no one pointed and laughed or made cow sounds at me, lol. Everyone should be allowed to be comfortable at the beach or pool without have to worry about what other people think!

  3. December 24, 2016 / 9:58 pm

    God bless you. Seriously. Perfect timing for this story and your always, ALWAYS excellent advice xx

  4. December 21, 2016 / 8:05 pm

    Great – and timely – post! Self-confidence is key to how others see you. Hiding your fat won’t stop people from realizing you are fat, so don’t worry. There is literally nothing to lose and so much to gain. Hope everyone enjoys awesome, uninhibited fun over the holidays!

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