Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Secret Santa Gift Ideas

It’s that time of year when people start talking about all things Christmas. There are the Christmas parties, end of year office functions and Secret Santa gift exchanges, catching up with old friends, carolling, spending time with family … but I have to admit that I struggle to get into the holiday spirit when Christmas time rolls around. In fact, sometimes I’ve been called a downright grinch. There’s one thing that makes me less grinchy, and that’s NZ Secret Santa on Twitter. I look forward to it so much and it’s probably the thing I like the most about the festive season. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s pretty epic – basically our national postal service runs a Secret Santa gift swap on Twitter (kind of like the one you might do at work, but way cooler). View Post

More Plus Please

More Plus Please Magazine Covers

Did you know that more than half of us are plus size? Looking at television, magazines, films and on the catwalk, you wouldn’t think so, because plus size bodies are very rarely represented in a positive way in the media. No matter how often we say “more plus please” we don’t seem to be seeing a lot more – in film, in television or in fashion. View Post

Me Too

Meagan Kerr - Me Too

TRIGGER WARNING: Sexual assault

There have been a lot of discussions online recently about sexual assault and sexual harassment, from high profile cases in the media to within my own friend group. As a survivor of sexual assault and someone who has encountered harassment many times, I have found this discussion really difficult, as it’s brought back a lot of memories – especially around not being believed and the way I was treated when I spoke up about my own experiences.

Last night I saw many of my friends sharing this on Facebook and on Twitter: “If all the people who have been sexually harassed, assaulted, or raped wrote “me too” as a status, we might give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem.” You’ve probably seen it in your own social media feeds, because the magnitude of this is enormous. View Post

Unwanted Attention

Online harassment - that's a no from me

I started my blog as a way of sharing my style, helping plus size babes find rad clothes in their size and sharing my self love journey in the hopes that it might help others. For the most part, it’s been amazing – I’ve shared my life with you, you’ve shared yours with me … but there is one part of the online world that I really hadn’t counted on. It’s one that, to be quite honest, makes me never want to blog again. View Post

Keep it kind

keep it kind online - making the internet a nicer and safer place to be

I’ll never forget the first time a story about me was published by a mainstream media source. Despite receiving the occasional nasty comment about my body or criticism on something I’d written, absolutely nothing could have prepared me for the vitriol that I found in the comments section of that article. Comments that had, according to the publishing website, been moderated. Well holy heck, if what I was reading had been moderated and considered appropriate to be approved then I’d hate to see what they decided not to publish. View Post