8 ways to help avoid burnout

How to avoid burnout

Burnout affects a lot of people (including me), and can leave you feeling exhausted, hopeless and like you’re not good enough. At least, that’s how it made me feel – I honestly felt like I was a massive honest to goodness failure. I never want anyone else to go through that, so I thought sharing some of the things that have helped me might help someone else. I’m no expert, just someone who has been there. Continue reading

Five things I love about the Apple Watch

Apple Watch review: Box and packaging

I’m a self-confessed Apple fangirl. Despite having tried many other kinds of computer and phone, I always find myself coming back to Apple products because they’re easy to use and compatible with each other, and my favourite new accessory the Apple Watch is no different. Continue reading

An attitude of gratitude

Having an attitude of gratitude

At the end of every day, before I go to sleep, I like to lie there and think about the things that I am grateful for. This act of practising gratitude is one that has helped me to change my outlook on life – it’s made me more positive, it’s helped me cope better when times are tough (and trust me, some times have been really tough lately!) and changed the way that I deal with everything from my business to my relationships. Continue reading

Plus size activewear picks

Plus size activewear // New Zealand blogger Meagan Kerr wears Active Intent crop top with State of Mind cropped trousers and wrap top

There seems to be a lot of assumption that plus size women aren’t or don’t want to be active. At least, that’s what you’d think given that finding really great plus size activewear has in the past been very difficult. That’s not the case anymore, there are some brands doing great things and I wanted to share a few of my fave picks of what is around at the moment. Continue reading

Seated Sun Salutation

morning sunrise

I first started doing yoga when I was studying and working full time, because I needed an outlet to help my mind and body relax. When a friend took me along to a yoga class, I was really nervous – I was a beginner, I was fat and I’d never done yoga before. What if I couldn’t contort my body into the amazing poses I saw people doing? What if I was clumsy when everyone else was graceful? What if people stared at me? Continue reading

Yoga tips for beginners

This is Meagan Kerr x Yoga With Me: Yoga For Beginners // Wall Lunge

There seems a misconception that yoga is only for a certain type of person, but the truth is that yoga is for everyone. No matter what your age, gender, size or background, yoga poses can be adapted for your ability. But where do you start out? I wanted to share a few yoga tips for beginners – I hope you find them helpful. Continue reading