Stress Free Christmas Shopping

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Tips for stress free Christmas shopping

Are you one of those people who leaves their Christmas shopping until the last minute? Every year I hear people talking about how stressed they get shopping for the holidays, so I wanted to take a moment to share a few of my tips for stress free Christmas shopping that will help you keep your cool these holidays. Continue reading

Watching Taryn Brumfitt’s Embrace documentary


Earlier in the year, Taryn Brumfitt‘s documentary Embrace screened at the New Zealand International Film Festival. It was a “one show only” deal and unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it to the screening. I knew I had to see it though, so I got in touch with the team at Body Image Movement to find out how I could bring it to my local cinema.

My friend Monique from Dressing Up and I organised a screening at one of our local cinemas through Demand.Film, because we knew that this was something we needed to share. It needed to be shared with our blog readers; with our friends and family; with mamas, daughters, sisters, besties; with the amazing people that we are surrounded by who might be struggling like we have struggled… because body image is something that we need to be talking about! Continue reading

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2016

Some things haven’t much changed since I was a child – I still can’t make a good cup of tea, breakfast in bed is always appreciated and my mum is still one of my best friends. That might sound cheesy but it’s totally true – even more so now that we live in different countries. We talk often, she’s my sounding board (and voice of reason), and she’s always supported my crazy ideas (like leaving a perfectly good job to become a blogger). She’s coming over to visit me for my birthday next week, and my birthday just happens to be on Mother’s Day – clearly a sign that I’m her greatest gift, right? Continue reading

Sweet Like Candy

Pantone Colour of the Year - Rose Quartz and Serenity

The Pantone Colours of the Year are Rose Quartz and Serenity – a warm rose tone and a cool tranquil blue. This means that we are now seeing a lot of pastel/candy colours cropping up everywhere from homeware to fashion and I for one am loving it. I thought that with Easter just around the corner I’d share a few sweet treats that have been catching my eye…
Continue reading

Gift Guide: Pampering & Relaxing

Gift Ideas: Pampering & Relaxing // Ethique Minute Manicure, $31.00 | Davines OI Oil, USD 42.00 | Evolu Duo Invigorating Body Scrub and Ultimate Goodness Body Butter, $54.99 | Matakana Botanicals Macadamia & Wild Fig Bath & Massage Oil, USD $32.00 | Lush First Snow Dusting Powder, $14.90 | Essence Nail Polish, $3.95 | Karen Murrell True Love Lipstick, $30.00 | Elf Kabuki Brush, $14.00 | Lush Amandopondo Bubble Bar, $8.90 | ghd V styler gift set, $310.00 | ECOYA Grand Celebration Candle in White Musk & Warm Vanilla, $99.95

I talk about self care quite a lot, and while it’s not all bubble baths, manicures and pampering, sometimes it is those things. The reason I love gifts that encourage someone to pamper themselves, relax and unwind is that we lead such busy lives that sometimes it feels like we need permission to take time out for ourselves. Receiving the gift of “me time” is really precious and helps me to recharge and keep being awesome! Continue reading

Loving the body you have right now

I’ve had a few requests to share the speech I gave at the Lovely Larger Ladies Fashion Event last weekend, so here you go – without the ums, ahs, and me dropping my notes. Grab yourself a cuppa and a comfy chair, and let’s talk about loving the body you have… and sometimes not loving it.

"Loving the body you have right now" Meagan Kerr speaking at Lovely Larger Ladies Fashion Event 2015. Photo by Emma Joyce

After refusing to be in a family photo one Christmas because I so desperately hated how I looked, I made my New Year’s resolution to develop a healthy relationship with my body. Continue reading

LLL Plus Size Fashion Show 2015

LLLNZ2015 Lovely Larger Ladies Plus Size Fashion Show

Over the weekend something happened – an event that was a big deal for plus size fashion in New Zealand. There was an entire weekend dedicated to plus size fashion, with catwalk shows from some of NZ’s amazing retailers and designers Continue reading

Do Your Thing

And so she decided to start living the life that she'd imagined

I see comments on social media and in my inbox every day where women of all ages, sizes and backgrounds are saying things like “I wish I had her confidence” and “I wish I could do that”. So many people are dealing with body issues and think they can’t live their life to fullest until they’re thinner, fitter, more successful… but the reality is that you might be letting these things hold you back from living life now. Continue reading