Being Fat and Fabulous

Someone made a comment to me recently that my Fat Girls Shouldn’t Wear Stripes project was glamourising obesity. This wasn’t the first time that this comment has been made, and I doubt it will be the last considering that my project is about to be featured on one of our national current affairs shows, so I decided that it was something that I should respond to.


In case you’re unsure, here is a diagram to help you out…

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Fat Girls Shouldn’t Wear Stripes

FGSWS header 2015

I am a fat person. On an almost daily basis I am told (either in person, via social media or through mainstream media) that because of my size I am not acceptable to society. I’ve heard it all – well-meaning family members expressing their concern about my cholesterol, people telling me I’d be so pretty if I lost weight, having a stranger whisper “Weight Watchers” under her breath as she walked past me in a department store, and comments about whales when I’m at the beach. View Post