Meet me on Lavender Hill

New Zealand plus size blogger Meagan Kerr wears River Island Plus tank top and K&K Hi Lo striped skirt at Lavender Hill Farm, Auckland

I’m obsessed with all thing lavender, from the oils and moisturisers I use to help me sleep, to the plants growing in the garden outside my bedroom, to lavender syrup on pancakes. After seeing a post from my friend Miss Charlotte Cake saying that she was visiting Lavender Hill Farm in Coatesville, I knew I had to pay them a visit before the lavender was harvested. We were just in time, visiting the day before picking! It was positively dreamy – there were rows and rows of lavender just waiting to be harvested, all abuzz with bees and bumblebees and butterflies. There were olive groves and lemon trees and alpacas, with frosty limoncello just waiting to be tasted (just a heads up, if you’re a non-drinker like me, limoncello is strong AF). View Post

New Year, Same Old Me

NYE New Zealand plus size fashion blogger Meagan Kerr wears Lady Volup Lyra in vintage flamingo from Two Lippy Ladies for New Years Eve

You might have noticed that I’ve been a bit quieter over the last year. Having my operation in April really knocked me for six – recovery was harder than I had expected it to be, I didn’t feel like writing or being in front of the camera, and more often than not my outfits consisted of gym gear or pyjamas (the two most comfortable clothing options, I think!). And while my blog ticked along quietly, I haven’t really been here. At least, not in the way I’d like to be. View Post

The Night Before Christmas

Brought to you by Peter Alexander

12 Days of Christmas Giveaways 2017 | This is Meagan Kerr x Peter Alexander Plus - Night Before Christmas Pyjamas

So much of the holidays is centred around tradition, and we all have our own things that we do year after year, special things that make us look forward to the holidays, that we share with our friends and our family. For me, one of those traditions has become spending time together on Christmas Eve. View Post

Bravery and Bodycon

New Zealand plus size blogger Meagan Kerr wears The Essential Tank Dress from Harlow Australia and Manon Baptiste Animal Print Bomber Jacket from Navabi

There are some things that, when I post pictures of myself wearing them, I’ll almost inevitably get someone saying “You’re so brave, I wish I could wear that”. One of those things is bodycon dresses (which just so happen to be one of my favourite things to wear), and I thought that since I’ve just added two of them to my wardrobe (you can see the other one here) I’d take a moment to do some mythbusting. View Post


Plus size blogger Meagan Kerr wears Lady Voluptuous Floral Lyra Dress from Two Lippy Ladies

I’ve been on the hunt for gorgeous dark floral pieces all winter while my friends in the Northern Hemisphere have been rocking them throughout their summer. I’m not usually a floral gal but sometimes I’ll make an exception if I really love the print, and I really love the look of florals on black (I’m sure you’re all very surprised by that haha). View Post