Plus size workwear

Plus size workwear 2018

It’s that time of year when many of us are heading back to work, or maybe starting a new job (or looking for one), so it’s time to talk about officewear. As you know, I work from home (sometimes in my pyjamas) and I work in a creative industry rather than a corporate one, so even when I have meetings I don’t need to dress in the same way as someone who is in an office all the time. I do love helping other people find clothes they feel confident in though, and I’m pretty adept at browing the shops for clothing options, so let’s talk plus size workwear. View Post

How to style a bodysuit

Brought to you by Sonsee

How to style a bodysuit

Bodysuits are great for spring and autumn, when we’re going through that changeable weather that’s not quite warm and not quite cold. These are the times when you want to be able to layer up, making it easy to add and remove items depending on what the temperature is doing – especially if you live somewhere that has four seasons in one day, like I do. They are also ideal for wearing in place of a top, because they give you that seamless fit underneath your outfit and solve the problem of tops coming untucked. I’d never worn a bodysuit before, so when Sonsee asked me to style one of theirs I gladly took up the challenge. View Post

Project 333: Capsule Wardrobe

Emma Joyce's Plus Size Project 333 Wardrobe. Photo from The Beauty School Dropouts shoot with Tony McKay Studios

Emma took part in a photo shoot with The Beauty School Dropouts during Project 333. Photo by Tony McKay Studios.

Guest Post by Emma Joyce

Ever looked in your wardrobe and exclaimed, “I’ve got nothing to wear!” but in reality your wardrobe is so full that you have no idea exactly what is hidden inside? Have you ever gone to the mall and purchased a random top because you’ve made an effort to go to the mall and it would be seen as a waste of time not to have purchased anything?

Up until recently, I was that person. After moving house three times in one year, and wanting to reduce my consumption of fast fashion, I became interested in the concept of capsule wardrobes. Capsule wardrobes are having a bit of a moment with people recognising that style has little to do with a full wardrobe of on-trend pieces. View Post

My workwear picks

Plus size workwear

I get so many people asking me where to find plus size workwear that I thought I’d scout out some ideas for you. As you know, I work from home and my days of dressing for the office are over, but I do really enjoy helping other people finding clothes they feel confident and awesome in, so let’s do this.

There are a lot of different dress codes out there when it comes to office outfits – some people have to have their shoulders covered; some must wear a suit; some can be as out there as they like. Then there’s the combination of what you want to wear – a blouse and tailored trousers, a skirt with a top, a blazer, a matching suit, a dress, with stockings or without? View Post