Miss Melicious Cupcakes

Missy aka Miss Melicious is the Queen of cupcakes. I was introduced to her delicious iced confections in 2010, when my boyfriend presented me with a whole box of Cherry Cola Cupcakes on our first date. He sure knows how to woo a girl!

Miss Melicious released her first cookbook in 2012, so you can make your own delicious cupcakes at home in just a few easy steps (and rumour has it that she would love to create a second book). Continue reading

Online Shopping Guide

Did you know that it wasn’t until 2013 that I first bought clothing online? As a plus size woman, I found it hard enough to find clothes that fit well in stores and I just didn’t want to risk ordering the wrong size and having to send it back. Fortunately, I did a bit of research and decided to take the plunge (and have to admit I’m a little addicted to the freedom that online shopping offers!), and now I can share my wisdom with you…

WIWT Meagan Kerr ASOS Curve Bird Print Dress

I bought this dress online from ASOS

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WIWT: Halloween Kitty

It’s All Hallows Eve and inspired by the lovely Tess Munster I’ve dressed up as a kitty. Rather than going for spooky, I thought I’d celebrate the witches familiar, the shadowy black cat. My outfit is reasonably work appropriate, which means I can wear it all day! Perhaps without the nose and whiskers while I’m in meetings though…



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Nailed It! Halloween Shadow Cats

If you’re a regular reader of This is Meagan Kerr, you’ll have noticed that this post is two days earlier than my usual Nailed It schedule. That’s because I wanted to squeeze it in before Halloween and there are some pretty exciting changes are coming up that will involve my blog being down for a little while over the weekend…

Nails by Penny at Monaco Nails and Beauty

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Navabi Curvy Blog Award 2013

Vote for This is Meagan Kerr in the navabi Curvy Blog Awards 2013

I’m pretty excited to be representing New Zealand in navabi‘s Curvy Blog Awards this year!

If I win, navabi will fly me to London, where I’ll get to model in a professional photo shoot, meet an international supermodel and ELLE cover girl Justine LeGault and British Cosmopolitan magazine’s Laura Puddy. I’ll get to visit London Fashion Week where I’ll get exclusive insights into the collections of some of the world’s top designers, and on top of that €500 to spend at navabi! Then I can come back and share it all with you…

navabi meaganThis would me an amazing opportunity for me, so I’d love it if you could take a moment to vote for me! Voting is super easy:

  1. Click one of the navabi buttons on this page
  2. Sort by number of blog name to find my blog #279 This is Meagan Kerr – it will be near the bottom
  3. Click on my square to select it
  4. Enter the CAPTCHA code and click to make your vote count!

You can only vote once, but you can vote for as many other curvy blogs as you like in that one vote (so make sure you vote for all of your faves in one go!).

Votes are open from now until the 17th of November 2013, so please go and give me your vote today!

Thanks in advance!

x Meagan

Vote for This is Meagan Kerr in the navabi Curvy Blog Awards 2013

Review: Neutrogena Beach Defence Sunscreen SPF 50

In August I went to the launch of Neutrogena’s Beach Defence Sunscreen SPF 50. I know, that was quite a while ago. A couple of months, in fact. The reason it’s taken me so long to tell you about it is that I wanted to have a chance to test it out so I could give you my good honest opinion. I believe in truthful reviews, because you don’t come here to read the regurgitated press releases that I seem to see on so many other blogs – you come here because you want to know what I really think, right?

Image / via @thisismeagankerr's instagram

Image / via @thisismeagankerr‘s instagram

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Favourite Things: 27 October 2013

I know I missed posting last Sunday, and for that my sincerest apologies. I was out of town shooting some gorgeous curvy babes in bikinis for my Fat Girls Shouldn’t Wear Stripes project, which (all going well) I will be starting to share over the coming week! Keep your eyes peeled, because this project is full of amazing women who are inspirational and fabulous.
 City Chic Land Lover Dress

LUSTING OVER … Land Lover Dress from City Chic
Block colours, navy and white, stripes, general nautical goodness? This dress screams summer and is so on trend I don’t even know where to begin. It’s so beautiful! I’d dress it up with a blazer for work or some gold jewellery and a soft pashmina for an evening out. Find it in store and online for $139.99. Continue reading

Nailed It! How to remove glitter polish

One of the most annoying things about glitter polish (and in fact, most textured polishes) is how difficult it is to remove. I hear people complaining about this all the time, so I thought I’d put together a quick tutorial to show you how to remove glitter polish with ease!

How to remove glitter polish Continue reading

Aussie Curves: Celebrity Copycat

This week I really wanted to pay tribute to a woman who has had a really big impact on myself (and I’m sure on many of you as well) and whose body positive message is heard by many people all over the world. Her #effyourbeautystandards tag on instagram is a constant source of inspiration to women (and some men), and I’ve recently been told that I bear a striking resemblance to her, so who better to choose this week than the fabulous Tess Munster?

The Final Countdown

This is my study face. See? I'm wearing glasses and everything.

This is my study face. See? I’m wearing glasses and everything.

As you may already know, in 2010 I made the difficult decision to leave my job in healthcare administration and return to study. For the last three and a half years, I’ve been working my way towards a degree in Design and Visual Arts. Today marks exactly one month until the end of that degree, and I’m super excited because that means a lot of new amazing changes in my life. Continue reading