18 Plus Size Babes to Inspire Your Style in 2018

Plus size style inspiration for 2018: Alex Michael May, Danielle Vanier and Leah Vernon

Instagram is the first place I go to when I’m looking for style inspiration. I’m a visual person, so being able to see what other people are wearing and how they’ve styled it, discover new brands and trends, and to have so many stylish people within the push of a button is great. It helps me to push my style boundaries and gives me some fabulous ideas on how I can mix up my wardrobe when I think I have nothing to wear – I save posts all the time (use the little bookmark button at the bottom right of a post and you can even file things into folders so you can find them easily).

I rarely see bodies like mine represented in campaigns by brands, so I turn to Instagram to see people with bodies like mine – people with rolls, chunky thighs, big boobs, cellulite that doesn’t get airbrushed out. I want to know what clothes are going to look like on my body, how things will fit, how I can style them, where I can find them. Diversity is something lacking in the majority of advertising, but on Instagram you can find it in spades. Here are a few of my favourite plus size Instagrammers at the moment – let me know who your faves are!

1. @maggiemcgills

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Maggie is a rad fat queer babe from the USA whose casual, comfy style is perfect for everyday. Maggie also has a YouTube channel, so if you’re not already subscribed make sure you get amongst it.

2. @archedeyebrow

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Bethany is the social media editor for a plus size fashion brand, she’s collabed on a cool clothing collection with Navabi, and she’s the editor of an upcoming coffee table book about plus size style, so needless to say she’s a very stylish babe. Bethany isn’t afraid of bold colours and prints, so if you’re looking for inspo to style some more of these into your wardrobe, make sure you check her out.

3. @mustangsallytwo

I love following Lisa because we’re a similar size and shape – which means if she wears something I like the look of, I know how it’s going to fit me! This is one of my favourite things about Instagram – being able to find people with bodies like mine. Lisa’s style is sparkly and sophisticated, and I think she always looks fab.

4. @margieplus

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Much like her hair, Margie’s style is bold and badass (even when she’s wearing head to toe black). There’s lots of colour and sparkle in her wardrobe, and she’s a kickass babe to boot.

5. @saucyewest

Saucyé West is a plus size model, and another babe with a body similar to mine. I’ve always struggled with only seeing models with flat stomachs, as mine definitely isn’t flat and therefore clothes are going to sit different on me, so it’s really nice to see other people who have fat stomachs and rolls like I do. Saucyé started the movement #FatAndFree, you can find out more about it here and I’d highly recommend checking that hashtag out as well.

6. @nataliemeansnice

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I found Natalie on tumblr many years ago, and she was one of the first unapologetic fat babes I ever encountered. She is a big style inspiration for me, and her Instagram feed has inspired me to try new looks, new colours and new styles that I otherwise might not have.

7. @lvernon2000

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Colours, prints and bold makeup looks don’t phase Leah, her style is strong, fearless and fun. I love that her style is quite varied but she still looks confident and badass no matter what she’s rocking.

8. @ushshi

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Whenever I scroll through Ushshi’s Instagram feed, I always find myself going “fuuuuck this babe is so badass!”. There are gorgeous photos, fun style and lots of great examples of how different fabrics and textures can make an outfit look super cool.

9. @dressingupnz

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Inbetweenie babe Monique is the queen of sparkle, colour and bold prints. She’s a really great example of wearing your personality – as you can see hers is bold and bright!

10. @daniellevanier

UK style blogger Danielle Vanier is always one to watch. She’s killer in monochrome but doesn’t shy away from colour, and she’s just collabed with Marks & Spencer to design two LBDs for their new plus size range.

11. @letstalkchic

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Drea rocks everyday wearable style. It’s casual but cute, and she looks great in so many different kinds of outfits. I love seeing people’s super dressed up looks, but when it comes down to it, casual and comfy is my jam for everyday.

12. @sapphiresplendour

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I love Ratna’s Instagram because her photos are always so confident and powerful, which makes me think “heck yeah, I could rock that and look badass too!”. For example, I never knew I needed a velvety red slip dress with lace edging, until I saw her wear it…

13. @authemmie

If your everyday style is on the dressier side, or you’re trying to find inspiration for an outfit that’s a little bit fancier, then make sure you check out Emily’s Instagram.  Her style is bold, sparkly and full of colour.

14. @itsmekellieb

Fun, bold and just a little bit extra, Kellie’s outfits remind me that fashion should be fun. Somehow she manages to rock a really diverse style (obviously some kind of fashion wizard!) and looks great in so many different looks. Make sure you check out her YouTube channel as well!

15. @chloeincurve_

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UK based stylist Chloe’s style is femme, fresh, and perfect for those wanting a bit of inspo for their work wardrobe.

16. @modachrome

Jessy is a US based photographer that also rocks being in front of the camera. She looks killer in neutrals and the occasional pop of colour with a clean classic style that is definitely on my level.

17. @alexmichaelmay

Fun and adventurous while still somehow being classic and chic, Alex’s style makes for a super fun Instagram feed. As I mentioned earlier, fashion should be fun and this IG feed is a great reminder of that (and that it’s okay to explore your style and try different things).

18. @kittehinfurs

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I’m going to be honest here, Ragini’s photos look like they’re straight out of a storybook. Her fun outfits are a perfect match for the whimsical photographs she posts, and she’s one of my avourite Instagram accounts to follow. Ragini rocks a lot of the autumnal colours I love and combines textures to make stunning outfits.

19. @thisismeagankerr

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Chances are that if you’re reading my blog, you’re probably already following my Instagram account, but if you’re not then come and join me for lots of everyday style and adventures in fashion – featuring plenty of neutrals and stripes.

What plus size style Instagrammers are inspiring you right now?


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