11 Body Positive Instagrammers You Should Follow

11 Body Positive Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

With Instagram making the hashtag #curvy unsearchable last week, and Oprah Magazine’s recent advice that you should only wear a crop top if you have a flat stomach (spoiler alert: that’s a complete load of bullshit), I think we need a bit of a body positive shake up! So here are some of my favourite body positive Instagram accounts – check them out and let me know if there are any others you’d recommend. Let’s get this body positive party started!

1. @honorcurves

Remember being told horizontal stripes don't look good on your body type? Me too. 🙋 Remember that time someone said you shouldn't wear shorts because the cellulite on the backs of your legs would show? Yes, so do I. ✋Remember the time you thought you should dress to "flatter your figure" or "hide your rolls" or "smooth your lines"? I remember that, too. 🙆 Why is it that sooooo many of us can look back on our lives and think of countless times we have bought in to these messages about our clothing? About our bodies? About our duty to disguise ourselves? It is NOT my duty to hide my cellulite nor is it my duty to flatter my figure in any way that I don't want to. We each should get to decide for ourselves what we like to wear on our bodies, and then we should go out and wear those things. Let them stare; let them whisper; let them mock. I would rather be a person dressing for me and feeling good in what I've chosen to put on my body than trying (and likely failing anyway) to put forth an image for others to approve of. You will never please everyone; it is far more freeing to do what's best by you. Let it wiggle, let it jiggle, let it roll, and let it bounce, I say. Our bodies aren't meant to be stone or statues, they are meant to be moving, breathing, beautiful vessels to experience life in. The only thing that needs to be smoothed out are the shitty attitudes around what a body should be. #HonorMyCurves

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Honorine, aka Honor Curves, describes herself as a 6’1″ Self Love Advocate, and she’s the babe behind the #honormycurves hashtag. Her Instagram feed is full of sassy selfies, witty memes and the life adventures of a body positive babe who celebrates all kinds of bodies.

2. @nataliemeansnice

deserted rock beach + selfie stick = photo sesh. 💕📷👙

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My gal Natalie is a pug loving fat babe from Texas whose Instagram is full of style and self love. Her fashion posts will leave you feeling inspired and her sassy wit will leave tears of laughter in your eyes.

3. @ladyfigure


Thamarr Guerrier is a plus size fashion blogger from Florida who really embraces the feminine. She says she was tired of waiting around for the fashion industry to finally see the light that fashion is for everyone, so she decided to become her own light. Her outfits are fun and fresh, and definitely shine bright!

4. @rolypolywardrobe

From personal experience I believe the most important thing about dealing with plus size fashion/ being a plus size blogger / being a plus size is CONFIDENCE. I'm more than happy that the plus size industry is growing and there are finally ways that gives curvy women the freedom of fashion we always wanted! But if you don't feel comfortable in your own body all the fashion in this world would not work on you. Love yourself – then wear fashion. We have to solve the problem at its roots and the solution would be body positivity! Work on your confidence and you can wear whatever you want – I know it's not easy but at least try it. I've already been there – I went through the highest point of self hatred and the lowest point of self esteem. If I can manage to be proud of my body then you will be able to love yours too! #fashionfromunderneath #bodypositive #selflove #plussizefashion #effyourbeautystandards #girswithcurves #pizzasisters4lyfe #tolerance #love #confidence #plussize #celebratemysize #journey #acceptance

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Asta is a fashion and design assistant and a curly, curvy style blogger from Germany. She ignores so-called fashion rules and spreads the body positive love with a mix of fashion, selfies and delicious slices of life.

5. @nonairbrushedme


In a world where we see so many photoshopped, edited, filtered versions of people, it’s refreshing to find people like Amber who are celebrating the real, raw & true beauty of women! I love her celebrations of her own and others bodies.

6. @fullerfigurefullerbust

Casual in my custom fit @fameandpartners dress 💙💜

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If you’re not familiar with Georgina Horne, you’ve been missing out! She celebrates her body in gorgeous lingerie and fabulous clothes … but she’s also very real about her life. I love her no bullshit attitude (and her super adorable rats).

7. @kobi_jae


Kobi is one of my go to alternative fashion icons, a self-confessed cat lady and a plus size model. She’s not afraid to talk about body insecurities, rock poses and pull faces that are outside the beauty “norms”. For bonus alternative body positive fashion goodness, make sure you check out @alternativecurves as well.

8. @intersectionalbodypos

Just fyi!!!

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In case you’re not familiar with the term, intersectionality recognises that certain groups of people have different aspects in life that they have to deal with, such as racism, sexism and ableism. Intersectional body positivity is about so much more than how big or small your body is, and this Instagram account is a great place to start that conversation.

9. @missvictoryviolet


Kiwi pinup, hairdresser and blogger Ella is a body positive babe who you might know better as Miss Victory Violet – Miss Pinup New Zealand 2014 and Miss Viva Las Vegas 18. Her Instagram is full of gorgeous pinup style and body confidence.

10. @effyourbeautystandards


By now you’re probably all familiar with the hashtag #effyourbeautystandards, which was created by Tess Holliday. This account regrams some of the posts tagged with that hashtag, so this is a glorious feed that celebrates bodies of all shapes, sizes, colours and genders as well some great body positive memes.

11. @thisismeagankerr


While you’re on your Instagram following spree, make sure you’re following me! There’s style, self love and selfies aplenty, and by popular request I’ve started sharing some of the other goings on in my life.

What are your favourite body positive accounts on Instagram?

xo Meagan


  1. January 21, 2016 / 10:42 am

    thanks for this list, I’ve been following the advise of Jess from Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls to diversify my Facebook an Insta feeds with body positive pages.

  2. July 23, 2015 / 6:25 pm

    Eeeee I am SUCH honour! Thank you, gorgeousness! What a list! xx

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