Almond Shaped Nails

Brought to you by Monaco Nails & Beauty

Watermelon Almond Nail Enhancements by Penny Lazic

One of the things I wanted to try this year was almond shaped nails – I’ve seen them on so many people and when they’re done well they look amazing! So last week I visited nail guru Penny Lazic at Monaco Nail Academy, and asked her to make it happen. Continue reading

Summer Essentials

How is your summer going? It took a little while to get here, but now that the weather has picked up, it’s looking pretty good, right? To help you make the most of your summer, I thought I would share a few of my summer essentials…

Summer Essentials Continue reading

Deep Blue Lake

Meagan Kerr Kmart One Piece Plus Size Swimsuit

I’ve had so much fun over the last week in the beautiful central North Island town of Taupo, and now that I’m back in Auckland I am seriously missing my daily swims in the freshwater lake! In my dream life, I would live somewhere that I could swim every day of the year. In a deep blue lake, with sandy shores. Continue reading

2015 Nail Art Inspiration

Over the last few months I’ve been seeing some amazing nail art, and found so many things that I want to try on my nails this year. I thought I’d share a little bit of inspiration  with you and see what you’re loving this year (and what you’d like me to try out).

Petite Peinture Candy Stripe Nail Art Continue reading

From board shorts to bathing suits

Plus size swimwear | Meagan Kerr wears Gisela Ramirez Bondage Bathers and Sara Floral Kimono

I have a fat body. Not the kind of smooth airbrushed fat body that you see advertising swimwear, I have a fat body with cellulite, rolls and plenty of jiggly bits. I hid my body when I went to the beach, under boardshorts and t-shirts. I forgot the joys of the sun on my skin and the water on my body. Until a few years ago, when I said “eff that, I want to enjoy the water like I used to!” and ditched the boardies and tee in favour of a bathing suit. Then a tankini. Then a bikini. And now I have about ten swimsuits in varying forms. Continue reading

Swimsuit Special: High Waisted Bikini

Summer in New Zealand is really from late December to mid-late March, making now the prime time to get your swimsuit on and head to the beach. If you’ve decided that you’re going to rock a two piece this summer and want a bit of extra coverage on your tummy or you love the look of vintage swimsuits then high waisted is the way to go.

High Waisted Plus Size Swimwear

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Hope & Harvest Anchor Tee

Plus size fashion | Meagan Kerr wears Hope and Harvest Nauticas Tee, Lucabella Pencil Skirt, Wild Child City Eyelet Cardigan

As you’ve probably guessed from my blog, I’m not usually a t-shirt wearer. I’m more of a dresses kind of gal, or skirts and tank tops. But when I saw this Hope & Harvest Anchor Tee I knew that I wanted it. I was thinking it would be perfect to wear with jeans, but it has been WAY too hot to wear with jeans (seriously, this weather has been stunning!) so I had to think of another way to style it until the weather cools down. Continue reading

Mermaid Nails

Brought to you by Monaco Nails & Beauty

This week I am heading off on another adventure, this time down to gorgeous Lake Taupo. I’m looking forward to lots of swimming in it’s cool depths, and thought it was only appropriate that I get mermaid nails before I go.

Mermaid Glitter Nails by Penny Lazic at Monaco Nails & Beauty

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These shoes are made for walking

I decided that it was time to treat myself to a new pair of walking shoes. The last pair of exercise shoes I bought were great (and I paid less than $10 for them), but they didn’t give me the support I needed so they have been relegated to my gardening shoes. I asked around and had Nike shoes recommended to me by a few friends, so yesterday I popped into Nike Platinum St Lukes.

Nike Lunarglide 6 Women

Almost every other time I’ve walked into a sportswear store I’ve either been ignored or treated very rudely. I’m not take seriously because I’m fat (actual comment overheard, “Who is she kidding? Must be lost”) or because I’m female (just the other day I walked into an outdoors store to buy a new backpack. The two salespeople avoided eye contact and ignored me, instead going straight to assist my partner … who was not there to buy anything. Needless to say they didn’t get my money!). I’m sure you won’t be surprised when I tell you that I was a little bit nervous when I headed into the Nike store! Continue reading