Melbourne Fashion Week Plus

Melbourne Fashion Week Plus

As you all know, I’m a big supporter of Australian and New Zealand fashion. If you’ve been following my blog for a while you will have seen awesome plus size fashion from brands like 17 Sundays, Chocolat, Hope & Harvest, Nyata and Sonsee Woman (to name just a few). Those five labels have something very important in common – they’ll be among the amazing plus size brands hitting the runway next month for Melbourne Fashion Week Plus 2016. Continue reading

Rule Breakers Club

New Zealand plus size fashion blogger This is Meagan Kerr wears Yours Clothing grey striped turtleneck swing dress

You know how much I enjoy breaking so called fashion rules, right? I centred my entire final year exhibition around it when I was at uni and I have shared countless pictures of myself and other awesome women breaking fashion rules . I’m unapologetic about my love for stripes, bodycon and wearing clothes that make me feel awesome. Continue reading

June Favourites

Currently reading: The Girls by Emma Cline on Kindle Paperwhite

Currently reading: The Girls by Emma Cline for Nana Wintour’s book club

Oh hi there June Favourites! I’m not sure how we suddenly managed to speed through half the year, but we have – winter is officially here, frost and all, and I have some awesome things to share with you – boots and books and beauty bits, oh my! Continue reading

NZ Style Curvettes

NZ Style Curvettes Plus Size Fashion Challenge

For a long time, plus size fashion in New Zealand left a lot to be desired, but now that both local and overseas plus size clothing options are improving, we are somewhat spoilt for choice. As Kiwi women, we tend to play things safe when it comes to fashion – especially plus size women – so to encourage my fellow fashion loving babes to explore their personal style, I have created the NZ Style Curvettes outfit challenge. Continue reading

Plus size capes from Vanessa Kelly Clothing

New Zealand plus size style blogger Meagan Kerr wears Vanessa Kelly Clothing cape in navy

There has been a lot of military style on the catwalks for the last couple of years, but rather than thinking of army green, I’m reaching for the navy. Navy is one of my favourite neutral shades and that makes it really easy to work in with what’s in my wardrobe. Continue reading

Five things I love about the Apple Watch

Apple Watch review: Box and packaging

I’m a self-confessed Apple fangirl. Despite having tried many other kinds of computer and phone, I always find myself coming back to Apple products because they’re easy to use and compatible with each other, and my favourite new accessory the Apple Watch is no different. Continue reading

Kate Madison Jeans

This is Meagan Kerr wears Kate Madison Jeans - skinny leg and straight leg jeans

You have probably noticed that I’ve been wearing jeans a lot over the last few months (well, if you’re following me on Instagram you will have noticed), and that’s because it’s cold and jeans are easy. I know I’m not the only one who rocks the jeans and tee look on the regular! Continue reading

Review: Essano Haircare

New Zealand style blogger Meagan Kerr uses Essano Haircare

When I decided to make my beauty routine cruelty free, I was seriously unimpressed by the fact that there were no cruelty free haircare options available from my local supermarket. While I don’t mind spending a little bit more on products that I know aren’t tested on animals, the price difference between salon products and supermarket brands can be a bit of a strain on my wallet. I’m happy to report though that I’ve finally found one, and it’s good Continue reading

You would be prettier if you smiled

Meagan Kerr wears Dreammaker Sweater Dress from Harlow

I’m one of those people who has resting bitch face. No, I’m not in a bad mood, I’m not mad at you (trust me, you’d know if I was), I’m not scowling, that’s just my face. The amount of times I’ve heard things like “You would be prettier if you smiled” and “cheer up love, it can’t be that bad” must number in the hundreds (if not thousands) by now. Here’s the thing though – my face is fine just as it is. Some days I don’t feel like plastering on a smile just to make myself more pleasing to someone else, and I shouldn’t have to. Except sometimes I feel like I do… Continue reading

The Hello Lovely Project

This is Meagan Kerr x The Hello Lovely Project // I am clever and resourceful

I talk about self love quite often, because I think that loving yourself and having a good sense of self worth is really valuable. Something that we don’t do enough is celebrate the great things about ourself. We don’t shout our achievements from the rooftop, we don’t talk about the parts of ourself that we love and appreciate, instead we focus on the negatives and the things we don’t like.

The Hello Lovely Project promotes positive self worth in women through the power of social media, aiming to change the perspective of a society filled with a self-hating mentality. Continue reading