Review: Lush Mask of Magnaminty

Lush Mask of Magnaminty Face Cruelty Free Mask Review

I love a good face mask, especially the fresh masks from Lush because they always make my skin feel so lovely! When I was in store and Abby told me that they now have a self preserving version of Mask of Magnaminty, I knew I had to give it a go because I’m always terrible at using my fresh ones up in time. Continue reading

September Favourites

This is Meagan Kerr September Favourites // Lush Fairy Dust, Sprinkle of Glitter by Louise Pentland, Apple iPhone 6S+, Trilogy Make-up Removal Balm

We are well and truly headed toward summer, and I think my favourite things really reflect that this month. A lot of change happens in spring – change of seasons, change of habits, change of things in our lives … I’m embracing the change! Continue reading

Swimsuit Special 2015: One Piece

Plus size swimwear 2015 one piece swimsuits

I’ve been for my first ocean swim of the season this week (over a week earlier than my first swim last year!), and that means that it’s time to start talking swimsuits. My swimsuit special is back for another year, and we’re going to kick things off with one pieces. Here are ten of my favourite plus size one piece swimsuits for 2015, bring on summer! Continue reading

Welcome to brow rehab

Meagan Kerr December 1999

December 1999: Blonde hair, bare midriff and bad brows

I was a teenager in the 90’s when thin eyebrows were in. I’ve been looking through my photo albums and the thinner the better, it seems – a few of my friends shaved theirs off and drew them back on with liquid eyeliner (something I was never game to try) but mostly we all had our brows plucked super thin. Fast forward some 15-odd years and I’ve realised that I shouldn’t have ever tried to jump on the brow trend wagon. Thin eyebrows look fine on some people but a thicker natural brow looks much nicer on me.

I’ve spent the last five years or so in brow rehab, trying to grow them back into a normal shape and restore them to their former glory, before I got all heavy-handed with the tweezers.

I’m trying to undo years of bad brow shaping and overplucking that have left my brows too short and quite sparse. I fill them in with pencil or powder in an attempt to hide my brow sins, but there’s a point where a gal needs a bit more help.

Welcome to brow rehab. Continue reading

10 bras that you’ll want to show off

NZBCF Gorgeous Bras

I’ve been on a bit of a bra-buying mission lately, because I think it’s important to have nice bras that fit well (a great outfit begins with a good foundation, after all!) and I wanted to show my body a bit of love. When was the last time you showed your boobs a bit of TLC? It’s time to ditch those ill fitting bras – here are 10 gorgeous bras to help you look and feel fancy under your clothes. Continue reading

Casual Friday

This is Meagan Kerr: NZ Style Curvettes Casual Friday // Yours Clothing Singlet, Harlow Sweet Freedom Fringed Kimono, Sara Jeggings

It might be more than ten years ago, but I remember when I worked in finance and wore a strict corporate uniform. As far as uniforms went it wasn’t the worst, but I really hated the lack of individuality in my outfits, and my inability to express myself through my clothes. Casual Fridays didn’t happen often, but when they did it was a great chance to ditch the skirt and stockings in favour of some much comfier jeans, and let my style shine through a little. Continue reading

Friday Favourites

Friday Favourites

This week seems to have sped by in one of of those blurs that seems to happen when you’re super busy. I’m heading off to a Wellness Retreat on Sunday to “learn practical tools to take control of fatigue, stress, depression & anxiety from some of NZ’s leading wellness professionals”. I’m really excited about it, because fatigue and anxiety are two things that really affect me. I’ll report back and let you know how I get on! In the meantime, here are some lovely things to kickstart your weekend. Continue reading

Polly Collective

Polly Collective Jewellery // necklace ring earrings handmade in Melbourne

I’d been thinking about wanting to expand my jewellery collection (you know, to include more pieces that I actually wear), when I started talking to Sheree, an old high school friend of my boyfriend. As luck would have it, she happens to make jewellery (fortuitous timing, don’t you think?) under the label Polly Collective. And it is beautiful. Continue reading

Plus Size Halloween Costumes

Plus size Halloween costumes

My favourite time of year is fast approaching, and with Halloween falling on a Saturday night this year there are sure to be a bunch of spooky guys and ghouls about. I always look forward to dressing up, so if you’re on the hunt for plus size Halloween costumes this year, don’t you worry – I’ve found some great ones for you. Continue reading