Great Summer Shoes For Big Feet

Willow Shoes - Artika Flat Sandals

Artika Flat Sandals, $149 from Willow Shoes

For most women, shoe shopping is an exciting expedition, you can never have enough pairs of shoes. All my life people have tried to make me feel comfortable with my big feet but alas, the funny jokes have not made it any easier to find fashionable footwear. I am forever left asking, “why must big feet have to equal big problems?” Everybody needs shoes. Continue reading

Friday Faves: 24 October 2014

Well hello there, Friday! How nice to see the end of another week – and the beginning of a long weekend! I know that I’ll be spending it as I spend every Labour Weekend – sorting out my garden (which is horrendously overgrown) and getting it ready for planting things for spring and summer. Very domestic, but worth it when your flowers start to bloom and your veges are ripe for the picking! What are your plans this weekend? Make sure you take some time to relax and unwind!

Boohoo Plus Alisha Oversized Cape Sleeve Longline Dress

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Nabbing a bargain with NZSALE

Brought to you by NZSALE

My extremely full wardrobe (and my boyfriend) will attest to the fact that I love shopping. It can get pretty expensive though, so that’s why I keep my eyes open for bargains where I can and set myself a limit on how much I spend on clothes each month.  One of the places I’ve found some amazing bargains is NZSALE. which has up to 80% on some of my favourite brands, with new sales starting all the time – including regular plus size sales!

The little voice in your head that says buy the shoes that's the one you listen to

I wanted to see how much I could get for my money, so armed with $100 I set out on a shopping expedition. Continue reading

Swimsuit Special 2014: Tankini

Swimwear 2014 header

Following on from my post about must-have one piece swimsuits, now I’m looking at two pieces – something that can be a big step in terms of body confidence for some people. Do you want to wear a two piece but don’t want to bare your stomach? Or do you have a long torso and find it hard to get a swimsuit that works for you? Tankinis are the perfect answer! You can mix and match them for the perfect combination for you…

Plus Size Swimsuit Simply Be Bespoke Tankini Set - Snakeskin

I’m going to make the call and say that this is the coolest tankini I’ve ever seen. Not just because of the snakeskin print (which is amazing), but because of the sizing options. Continue reading

Sexy Plus Size Lingerie

Brought to you by Lightbox

I’ve been watching Masters of Sex on Lightbox lately – have you seen it? It’s a drama about the pioneers of the science of human sexuality. It got me thinking about what make me feel sexy – one of those things is beautiful lingerie, whether I’m wearing it to look nice for my boyfriend or under my clothes to make me feel extra fabulous. I know it’s something you’re thinking about too – every week I get messages from my readers about where to get sexy plus size lingerie! So here are a few ideas for you – let me know which ones are your favourite!

Sexy Plus Size Lingerie Bare Necessities Dita Von Teese - Man Catcher Continue reading

WIWT: Chocolat Sofia Skirt

Dani McAllen wearing Sheryl May. Photo/supplied

Dani McAllen wearing Sheryl May at NZFW 2013
Photo / supplied

I remember going to New Zealand Fashion Week last year and seeing Dani McAllen (now the Managing Director of We Are Anthology) wearing an amazing outfit by Sheryl May (pictured left), and falling in love with the print. Now, Dani is a tall, slim, leggy babe and the likelihood of us fitting the same clothes is absolutely zero, so I figured I’d be completely out of luck and never get to wear Sheryl May’s beautiful designs. Continue reading

Know your normal

Something I’m really passionate about is looking after myself as a whole – making sure I drink enough water, eating mindfully (and not feeling bad when I eat chocolate), sticking to a skin routine, and making sure I get out and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Part of that also includes looking after my health.

lookafteryourbody Continue reading

Friday Faves: 17 October 2014

I believe in treating myself well, and part of that is choosing to have lovely things in my life. They don’t have to be expensive (although those that are, I think they are worth saving up for), they just have to be things that make me feel like a million bucks. Nice fabrics, beautiful designs, jewellery that holds sentiment and meaning, even lovely cups that remind me to sit down and appreciate how fortunate I am.

KIKKI.K Live Bright Be You cup Continue reading

Cruelty Free SAFE Shopper App

When I decided to go cruelty free with my cosmetics this year, one of the issues I faced was not knowing what was cruelty free and what wasn’t. There are a number of companies that claim to be cruelty free, but sell their products in China, where animal testing is mandatory (you can read about that here)! So, how do you figure out who you can trust?

SafeShopper 2

New Zealanders can download the new SAFE Shopper app – an online guide to help you choose cosmetic and household products that have not been tested on animals! Continue reading