Style Inspiration: Callie Thorpe

This is Meagan Kerr plus size style steal - Callie Thorpe

The concept of celebrity is a really strange one to me, and often when people talk about celebrities I don’t know who they are (fun fact: I only found out who Beyoncé was a couple of years ago when people were talking about her in my office). When the theme of “celebrity style” came up for the NZ Style Curvettes outfit challenge I was a bit stuck, so I decided to steal the style of one of my fellow blogger babes. Continue reading

8 ways to help avoid burnout

How to avoid burnout

Burnout affects a lot of people (including me), and can leave you feeling exhausted, hopeless and like you’re not good enough. At least, that’s how it made me feel – I honestly felt like I was a massive honest to goodness failure. I never want anyone else to go through that, so I thought sharing some of the things that have helped me might help someone else. I’m no expert, just someone who has been there. Continue reading

That grid print dress

New Zealand plus size blogger Meagan Kerr wears 17 Sundays Grid Print Dress

When 17 Sundays released their grid print dress and matching tee, I shared them on my Facebook page and y’all went bananas over them! Then I did a giveaway of them both and woah. Everyone was so excited! Except one person – she was determined that this dress was a sack and probably the worst thing to happen to plus size fashion ever because it was loose fitting rather than curve hugging. Well guess what? I don’t agree (and neither do the 300+ people who entered to win one). Continue reading

Time to get comfortable

New Zealand plus size fashion blogger Meagan Kerr wears Hope & Harvest Luxe Easywear Dress

Gone are the days of high heels, uncomfortable g strings and hemlines I’m constantly pulling down, one thing I look for in my clothes now is comfort. As someone who works from home, I freely admit that I quite often get up and shower only to put on a clean pair of pyjama pants (come on, don’t tell me you wouldn’t wear pyjamas all the time if you could!). When I have to put on real world clothes, being comfortable is key. Continue reading

Watching Taryn Brumfitt’s Embrace documentary


Earlier in the year, Taryn Brumfitt‘s documentary Embrace screened at the New Zealand International Film Festival. It was a “one show only” deal and unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it to the screening. I knew I had to see it though, so I got in touch with the team at Body Image Movement to find out how I could bring it to my local cinema.

My friend Monique from Dressing Up and I organised a screening at one of our local cinemas through Demand.Film, because we knew that this was something we needed to share. It needed to be shared with our blog readers; with our friends and family; with mamas, daughters, sisters, besties; with the amazing people that we are surrounded by who might be struggling like we have struggled… because body image is something that we need to be talking about! Continue reading

Where to buy plus size bridal gowns

Where to buy plus size bridal gowns

Whether you’re a size 6, a size 16 or a size 26 I think that every bride deserves to feel like a million dollars on her wedding day. I’ve had a few friends who have had horrible experiences when they’ve gone to try on dresses because there haven’t been any above a size 12 to try on and the sales assistant has been a dick about it resulting in bride in tears and no wedding dress, and I want to let you know that it doesn’t have to be like that! Continue reading

The importance of texture

New Zealand plus size fashion blogger Meagan Kerr wears Lost and Led Astray Dress and Leggings with Lost & Sole Snakeskin Boots from Number One Shoes

One of the things I’ve learned as someone who wears a lot of black on black is that texture is important – it makes an all black outfit look much more interesting. Lately I’ve been getting in to sheer fabrics and I feel like it’s making a big difference to my outfit game. Continue reading

50 facts about me you probably didn’t know

50 facts about New Zealand plus size fashion blogger Meagan Kerr

I love sharing my life with you, from my style to my self love journey; my travel adventures and the fun things I discover every day; the good days, the bad, and the just plain strange. A while ago someone suggested that I make a video telling you random things about me, so here you go: 50 random facts about me you probably didn’t know and never knew you wanted to. Continue reading